Friday, April 27, 2007

Don't let the door hit you ...

Because sometimes things work out, Terry Holley has decided to withdraw from the special election to replace the late Rep. Charlie Norwood in the 10th Congressional District. Now, it's no secret I'm no Holley fan - he's self-centered, mildly arrogant, has no ability to run an effective campaign and couldn't raise money, so his leaving the race is a good thing in my book.

What's more weird to me is his inability to grasp reality, as revealed in this quote ...

"It needed to be one candidate, and lo and behold, they're bringing in people who don't live in the district, people nobody knows," he said. "A lot of people are upset in the Democratic Party."

A lot of people are upset? Really? Listen, this party is in the minority in this state, but with a new administration in charge, those people actually in the party are pretty excited. And that's a very good thing because without an enthusiastic base, it's hard to expand it.

So when Holley says 'a lot of people' what he really means is 'Terry Holley' because, quite frankly, a lot of folks in the party looked at him (and that sparkling 32 percent of the vote he grabbed in 2006 and the less than $30,000 he raised) and said ... 'gee, maybe there's a better candidate out there for us.' And that's exactly what happened as the overwhelming majority of the county parties in the 10th Congressional District voted on who they would support, and they liked James Marlowe.

I like Marlowe. He's a long-shot, but he's the right kind of candidate Democrats should be running in these races. He could make this an interesting race if he does the right things. Holley, as evidenced by his failures last year as well as his childish 'me-first' attitude, wouldn't be able to do that.


Blogger Oconee Democrat said...

take the e off the end of Marlow, please. I made the same mistake for weeks. Great post and well written. Went to a talk last night by Dr. James Porter at the Sanctuary in Oconee County that you would have really appreciated. Some Republicans were even there!

9:02 AM  
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