Friday, June 29, 2007

A new kind of flagger?

This Marietta flag thing is absolutely insane.

Here's a recap ...

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution ran a story which said the City of Marietta was banning the Veterans of Foreign Wars from distributing flags at the city's annual Fourth of July parade. Erick from Peach Pundit decided post something where he compared the folks in Marietta to Nazis and then send out the first-ever Peach Pundit blast email to everyone who has registered to comment on that blog.

When an individual didn't appreciate this, Erick decided to publically chastize him/her ... someone who disagreed not with the issue at hand, but rather merely didn't appreciate the email.

The mayor of Marietta is kind enough to offer his explanation, and all appears to be OK.

Then, today, it all reverts back to the nonsensical. The Marietta Daily Journal says there's some spinning going on here, so there must be a vast conspiracy at work here. Then, Erick calls for us to call the Marietta City Council to complain about said spin and the rule.

I can't comprehend why this is a big deal. The rule prohibits only where the flags can be passed out, not what they are or if they can (then, yes, we'd have a problem). I think it makes perfect sense for there to be safety concerns - which, by the by, aren't because kids would use them as weapons, but rather I would assume they don't want children potentially running out into the street or anything - and I think there are logical compromises.

It makes sense to me to get the flags out to the crowd before the parade starts. Why not have designated stations set up where the VFW can pass out flags to people? Why must we stick to this notion that it's more appropriate (patriotic?) if they pass them out during the parade?

I mean, hey, I love America, and The Wife and I like to display the flag on holidays like this, but this seems to be an issue that focuses on solely logistics, not any stifling of free speech or disrespect to the veterans. It isn't about the flag at all, but about finding the most appropriate way to let the VFW pass out flags. It isn't about Marietta adhering to bureaucratic procedures, but rather about following an ordinance that was crafted with the best interests in mind.

If it hasn't been enforced in previous years, then ... so what? If it's on the books and they think it will provide for a smooth, well-run and safe event, then go with it. If not, then they'll use discretion in determining whether or not to strictly enforce it.

I say all this because I've enjoyed good debate and dialogue with a lot of the folks over at Peach Pundit. Erick has always been a good and fair guy when we interact, and this whole thing is so incredibly beneath them it's not even funny. I've engaged in a good bit of responsible discussion over there, and, again, Erick in particular has been good to me over there. I'm not out to start any beef with them, but I guess I just question why this issue? Over ones that they've been equally, if not more, passionate about (like illegal immigration or Generalow Wilson)?

And why the email blast? I didn't mind it - and I surely wouldn't go as far as the anonymous responder did in asking to be taken off the list - but why not use the pulpit afforded you by the blog?


Blogger Xon said...

I can't help but be REALLY snarky and ask whether Erik, who I understand to ve a professing Christian, gets nearly so upset over Christian symbols as he does over the flag.

--Xon the Jehovah's Witness in Disguise

11:34 AM  
Blogger Polusplagchnos said...

I can't help but be even snarkier and ask whether Xon, who I understand to be a professing Reformed Christian, cares as much about Christian symbols as he suggests other Christians should be.

I mean, aren't y'all iconoclasts?

7:24 AM  
Blogger Xon said...

The Reformed tradition is predominantly iconoclastic, but not uniformly. And I side with the minority of the tradition on this issue.

Icons should not be venerated or worshipped in any way shape or form; but the production of images--even pictures of Christ--and even the placing of those images in churches is not objectionable per se.

5:03 PM  

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