Friday, May 02, 2008

But they stink!

I suppose two observations regarding Erick's post on Rashad Taylor ...

- I'd take with a grain of salt the tip regarding Taylor, particularly since more reliable sources quickly clarified the situation. There are a lot of folks - and some of them run blogs - who just won't be happy with the Democratic Party of Georgia until they are the ones drawing the paychecks from said organization.

- Um, you try recruiting viable Democratic candidates in one of the most conservative states in the country. It's probably like finding viable Republicans in Vermont. Regardless of the fact that some polls suggest that the Georgia General Assembly is rather unpopular, a generic Republican still beats a generic Democrat. Compounding the problem is that said candidates will have a very tough time raising money no matter who the Democratic nominee for president is.

Also, why should it be the responsibility of the state party to recruit candidates for office? I mean, wasn't the whole problem with Jim Martin that he was recruited? It sounds like the critics have trapped themselves with their language.


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