Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just my two cents

I'm going to offer some bit of a contrast from my friends at the state party, as well as the Democratic leaders in Georgia's House of Representatives, but I just don't get what this will accomplish.

It isn't as if I necessarily disagree with them in suggesting that that Kathy Cox should offer some clearer explanations on why we're testing kids on things that don't match up with our curriculum, but I'm also a believer in doing more than just saying the other person's efforts stink.

I think it would be nice if at this media event that, in addition to rightfully drawing the contrasts with the Republican leaders, the Democratic leaders put forward their plan on how to address the situation. One of the refreshing elements of the presidential election so far is that you've got a pair of candidates with clearly different visions of what to do and, as a result, their exchanges are based over issues.

Again, I'm largely supportive of the steps taken by the DPG and the Democrats in the Georgia General Assembly, and I think they've taken a bunch of rather unfair hits over the past few months. Still, I'm just not clear on what this is going to accomplish aside from showing us being reactive and not proactive.


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