Thursday, November 20, 2008

Opposing agendas

One of the things interesting in this report is, quite frankly, just how dense some of the state's business leaders appear to be.

I think few would argue that Georgia needs additional funding to upgrade, maintain and expand its existing infrastructure for transportation. And, coupled with the expected renewed debate and hopeful passage of the Regional Transportation SPLOST in the coming months, this recommendation is a great way to generate the needed discussion on the topic.

Then again, this caused me to almost fall out of my chair ...

Georgia business leaders have pushed for years for more spending on transportation projects. While Georgia is the nation’s third fastest-growing state, it ranks dead last in transportation spending per capita.

The problem with this logic, of course, is that at the same time these 'business leaders' are supposedly advocating for increased spending, they're also clamoring for increased tax exemptions and more and more tax cuts. Seeing how Georgia is a balanced budget state, that means we have to cut spending in other areas (like transportation).

It's almost as if they're ignorant of how we do things, no? Everyone wants lower taxes and, at the same time, everyone wants increased service ... the problem is that the two often are opposed to each other. Which is why I find it stunning the folks at the Georgia Chamber of Commerce don't get this.


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