Friday, May 18, 2007

Couple of things

- Here is further proof that Greene County features an odd mixture of viewpoints. If the state has the audacity to approve this pathetic excuse of a charter school - despite the fact the Greene County Board of Education didn't address the primary concern leveled, which is the deliberate exclusion of individuals outside the Lake Oconee area - then what's the point? It's obvious this is a direct violation of what a charter school is supposed to be, but they signed off on it anyway? Unbelievable.

- Again, it's only May, but I'm enjoying watching their gradual implosion.

- I'm kinda nervous about this passing, but this is exactly the kind step our area needs to take to help develop our regional economy. Developing the 316 corridor from Athens-Clarke County through Atlanta - as well as encouraging other entities to settle in the area - coupled with the proposed development of the Naval Supply School, could mean a new chapter in our community's history.

- Jenna Daniels forgot to mention she found it 'you know, kinda cool' when Todd McCorkle talked about the color of her underwear back when he coached her.

- Over at Peach Pundit, Andre has a good post up about Jim Whitehead's view on Iraq that has elicited a barrage of responses, many of them outrageously absurd.

- Two ways to view this letter ... one, he's absolutely right, but two it's possible she was expressing her opinion that she disagreed with the law and did so independently, as most columnists do. I was just confused of why it was in the Living section and not the editorial page.

- Randomly, these are two of the best videos in YouTube history.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

With respect to the Rossiter column and follow-up letter from Tom Jackson, what I don't understand why her column ran in the Living section? It reads as a cross between an op-ed pieces and a sports editorial. What was the connection to Living?


9:19 AM  
Blogger Bryan said...

I wanna know where da gold at. Gimme da, Gimme da gold

9:26 AM  
Blogger Jmac said...

I had that question too David. I know she has a weekly column in which she is free to write on issues she wants to, but it did seem a little out of place (not that is wasn't worthy of a column if she wanted to express those viewpoints).

9:51 AM  

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