Monday, May 14, 2007

There's winning, and there's losing

It's always nice when your guy wins a pretty big tournament, but it's a little painful to observe when it comes as a result of an absolute meltdown by his opponent.

Sean O'Hair didn't even touch the green at the the TPC at Sawgrass's signature hole, the island green, par three No. 17. His tee shot just sailed well right and soared over, plunking into the water. His penalty shot then hit too far on the green and rolled off. All of a sudden he goes from being two shots down with two hole to play, to being en route to a quadruple bogey and a final score of five-under.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know - I really like the (general) cool that Phil can employ. Something that only comes with experience. I can't imagine what it is like playing in an environment that blundering 2 holes can cost someone over $700k. I can't even play 2 holes consistently at the par level.

8:11 AM  
Blogger Bryan said...

Yeah, I wonder how pissed his wife was. I mean, once she gets past the initial sadness, she had to have that thought in the back of her mind. And you know she can't say anything about it b/c he still took home a quarter of a million. And btw, why the hell is 11th place getting that much!
This list just amazes me:

You have to go to 425th before you get under a million. Really, Kent Jones? Andy Bean? Who? Just guys who have made 3.5 mil playing GOLF! arrgh!
/just a little bitter

10:09 AM  

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