Monday, June 18, 2007

Still Superman

I mentioned it earlier today, but let me say again - particularly in light of this most ridiculous column by Art Spander (not Vandelay) - Tiger Woods is still the world's most dominant golfer.

No questions. No debate. No discussion necessary.

In the last four majors, Woods has finished first-first-second-second. He's won four majors in the past three years, including consecutive British Open titles. He's finished in the Top Four of every major since 2005 save last year's U.S. Open.

And it's Woods making mistakes or missing putts which are resulting in him not running the table over the last 10 majors, not any other golfer 'rising to the challenge.' Angel Cabera put together a very nice round under harsh conditions, but he almost gave it away himself with back-to-back bogies in the final round at No. 15 and No. 16. Jim Furyk missed out on playoff by watching his par putt at No. 17 lip out.

Woods, at the very least, saved par after par down the stretch to give himself a chance to win while the rest of the field hung on for dear life.

Outside of golfers named 'Nicklaus' or 'Hogan' I'm hard pressed to think of another who has performed at such a high level, yet been met with such scrutiny.


Blogger Mike-El said...

It's a testimony to Tiger's dominance that failing to win a couple of consecutive majors has anyone asking "What's wrong?" Nicklaus finished second in 19 majors and his legacy is pretty secure. When I think back to Tiger's success in the mid-nineties, I'm reminded of that quote from "The Princess Bride": "This isn't as easy as I'm making it look." News Flash: GOLF IS HARD. It's all you. Tiger can't count on Manny picking him up if he strands a runner on third. He can't be bailed out by his field goal kicker. He's got a hundred of the best players in the world chasing him. And his rising tide has lifted all boats in the PGA to the point where more players than ever are capable of dialing it in and hanging a low number up on any given weekend.

Bet against Tiger at Carnoustie at your own peril.

7:44 AM  
Anonymous Stopthe BS said...

I wish my life sucked as bad as Tiger's.

He just put a $600,000.00 check in his pocket;

His drop dead gorgeous wife just presented him with a new baby;

yeah, he's probably really depressed about where he is in life right now .

12:16 PM  

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