Thursday, June 14, 2007

Couple of things

- This is pretty interesting and, judging by the interaction and response from the county officals, appears to be ultimately resolved in the proper way. I talked a while back about endorsing Blake's idea that the Athens-Clarke County Commissioners be given more control when it comes to rolling out new ideas and proposing new policies. Right now the commission largely responds to the the non-elected staff and is working in a reactive manner rather than a proactive one.

- Related to that ... we're just now getting around to emailing out background information on different proposals and policy? That could, seriously, cut back on a lot of costs. I know several businesses which switched to 'paperless' offices and saw significant savings.

- It could have been so much more entertaining, but Bill Greene meekly produces a forum where the best he can do is compare Jim Whitehead to John Kerry (which is ridiculous for a variety of reasons). He does tell you that he loves being a Minuteman ... and that we have to stay the course in Iraq and put 40,000 U.S. troops on the Mexican border. That'll be kinda hard to do, won't it? I mean, according to Greene, we need to have our troops in Iraq to fight the terrorists there so we don't fight them here ... but we also need to have some home to apparently fight the illegal aliens here. But who's on first?

- Speaking of Greene, Tondee's Tavern has an entertaining summary of his stances on the issues.

- Beautifully done.

- I ask about recruiting a biofuel refinery to the area.

- Does anyone else see the fallacy in Rev. Rick Standard's argument against alcohol sales? He dismisses a poll of Oconee County residents - saying 'the fix is in' - and says, instead, the commission needs to adhere to the public. Uh, isn't that what the poll is? And if they need to adhere to the public, than 60 percent said they're for alcohol sales. Perhaps by 'listen to the public' Standard means 'wait until I can bring in a ton of folks who agree with me.'

- Paul Chambers says what I said a few days ago.

- Damn. That was a pretty good comeback.

- I never saw an episode, but Josh put together an entertaining summary of the final episode. I'm quite sure it's full of spoiler-like material, so don't read it if you haven't seen it.


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