Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It's Marlow or bust

It isn't like it isn't expected, but it is important to officially note that I am backing James Marlow in the special election for the 10th Congressional District. Not so much because I think he's the most electable candidate, but because I do sincerely like the guy and his stance on the issues.

Though the Republican candidates have worked to paint him as a 'extremist liberal' that's more of an indictment of their lack of vision and the sad state of politics today where an outrageous sound bite gets you more attention than a substantive policy proposal.

However, when compared with the crop of candidates that pepper the GOP side of the race, anyone who isn't marching lockstep behind the notion of erecting a massive fence along our border or scrapping the IRS and replacing it with a regressive national sales tax might appear to across the ideological divide.

This race has been interesting, and mercifully we're heading into the final week of it (well, until the almost-certain runoff that is).

The front runner, Jim Whitehead, has made it rather clearly that he openly dislikes Athens-Clarke County for petty, political reasons which, aside from the obvious ideological disagreements I have with the man, make it pretty darn clear he's not fit to serve in Congress. Paul Broun pulled what Ralph Hudgens was shamed for and raised money before the late Charlie Norwood had even died ... and is way too far to the right for me.

Bill Greene is, well, Bill Greene. Minutemen, believing global warming is a socialist conspiracy and punching trucks aside, you get endorsed by Alan Keyes and you lose relevance.

Mark Myers loves to tell you he was endorsed by Ronald Reagan (well, kinda), though his gospel singing career never really took off.

Nate Pulliam is a sharp fella who means well and debates with the best of 'em ... but such things do not necessarily make for a good representative. It's the issues which matter, and Pulliam is considerably to the right.

The unfortunate aspect of this district for Democrats is that it is more than 60 percent conservative-leaning folks, but that also means it is 40 percent progressive-leaning folks. And when I say 'unfortunate' I mean that it's unfortunate that the best the GOP can offer is a group of individuals who are so far to the right they arguably have nothing in common with the voting minority, but probably differ on several things from the majority of that 60 percent who probably backs them.

Marlow is, for lack of a better term, a good, old-fashioned centrist. For someone who considers himself a moderate like myself, I kinda like that. Make no mistake, he's got a progressive vision, but he's the right kind of candidate for this district, and it's my hope the voters of all ideological stripes consider the candidate rather than simply be turned away by the letter stuck next to their name.


Blogger Oconee Democrat said...

Marlow was at the Drive By Trucker show Monday at the 40 Watt Club's 20th anniversarry party as well

8:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I voted for Pulliam, but if Marlow somehow makes it into a runoff, he'll get this Republican's vote over Jim Bobblehead.

10:03 AM  
Blogger Nicki said...

Psst. I blogged it.

And Marlow (not very coherently):

11:02 AM  

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