Monday, June 11, 2007

Viva Athens!

Over at Peach Pundit, they're talking about the ABH's endorsement of Nate Pulliam. In doing so, they manage to take the usual potshots at our community and criticize the editorial staff.

I just figured I'd post my response here ...

Just so I'm clear here, you're criticizing the Athens Banner-Herald for being too liberal ... when it endorses a Republican candidate.

Who cares if they quibble over a few minor details and are a bit careless with their language (which I think they probably were), they ultimately backed a conservative candidate. That editorial went above and beyond to laud praise on Pulliam and say how he's the best equipped to serve.

Why they mentioned those two particular instances, I have no idea. But I also know - from having worked as a reporter and editor at the ABH for six years in the late-1990s and early 2000s as well as knowing and having worked for the people who make up their editorial board - this isn't a question they probably put out there. As chrisishardcore noted, it's something which was probably offered to them through the course of their interviews by the candidate himself, which made such a random item stick in their heads.

And it's because it was so trivial the ABH decided to overlook it and endorse him anyway.

As far as the actual trivial detail we're bickering over, Erick I have to say that falling back on the historical timeline is a faulty way of setting up your argument. Primarily because we live in a considerably more pluralistic society with regard to religion than we did in the 1950s (let alone the 1860s). More than that, we live in a more pluralistic society with regard to religion that has the substantially more freedom and opportunity to speak out than we did in the 1950s (as is the case with most minority groups in this country).

To merely say that 60 percent of the country likes it and it was cool in the 1950s to do this is setting up a strawman because the circumstances are different. To defend 'In God We Trust' needs to come from a more substantive place methinks (and, for the record, I think we should keep it on our currrency).


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