Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Couple of things

- Being an alum of the Athens Banner-Herald's sports staff, kudos to the current crop for picking up 11 awards from the Georgia Sports Writers Association. Somewhere, buried underneath the mountains of things we've removed from the nursery-to-be, I've got my certificates. But they held the ceremony at Brookwood High School? Back in my day, we used to do this at Brasstown Bald Golf Resort or somewhere along the coast. Are people not paying their dues anymore?

- In other sports kudos, our boy Texas is the new sports editor over there. I remember hiring the guy ... and now he's all grown up. I also remember traveling with him to Rome to cover a high school basketball tournament where he insisted on quoting the various Police Academy movies.

- In the ridiculous argument department, I present Teresa Hayes who relies on the tried and true 'who really watches GPTV anyway.'

- Woo-hoo! I've made it! Or something like that.

- Is Journey hard up for money or something? Steve Perry and the gang seem irrationally happy about having one of their songs licensed for use. Would have been better if the song had been Any Way You Want It.

- And a kudos to the Clarke County School District which is making progress on its elementary and middle school test scores.

- For contrasting views on GOP legislators considering a special session look at Peach Pundit and then Tondee's Tavern.

- There's a lot of stuff going on with this Genarlow Wilson case that, quite honestly, I don't know much about. The folks at Peach Pundit are on it, but I'm not up to speed.

- Randomly, I searched YouTube for a clip from Police Academy to accompany the entry about Texas and this video came back. Hey kids ... it's random 1980s music day!


Blogger Nicki said...

Is Journey hard up for money? Who knows, but royalties are all they got these days.

I just blogged on Marlow/Whitehead/the 40Watt's 20th Anniversary over at my place. You are linked.

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