Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Couple of things

- Apparently Greene County's Board of Education wants to celebrate our nation's independence by denying the right of free speech to a man of God.

- Fortunately, here in Athens-Clarke County, you can still come by and speak when you arrive at the commission meeting. Good for them. Now, let's get serious about streamlining the meetings in a way which doesn't restrict public comment such as shifiting all public comment to the beginning and preventing folks from removing items from the consent agenda.

- Sure, televising a hot dog eating competition is kinda odd, but then again, I probably would watch a noodling contest.

- Though it won't deter me from seeing it, Josh didn't care for Transformers, but aside from that he got into an incredibly awesome argument with Don Murphy - the movie's producer - at this site.


Anonymous Stopthe BS said...

Kaltefleiter is on a slippery slope there, considering that there are two major stories in the same sports section about NASCAR, including one which is basically a press release for Mountain Dew.

Let's see--NASCAR itself is owned by one family who determines who plays and who doesn't; many of the tracks are owned by the same family; and now (or soon) every one has to drive the same car. NASCAR is a very entertaining competition but the outcome is determined by the mechanical abilities of the cars, not by the athleticism of the drivers. If a particular car becomes dominant, NASCAR routinely changes the rules in mid-season (sometimes multiple times) to restore "competition". In other words they don't like the outcomes, so they change the rules. This is just the obverse of determining the outcomes a la wrestling.

12:00 PM  
Blogger Nicki said...

I gotta tell you, as enthused as I am about transformers in theory, the words "Michael Bay" stopped me dead in my tracks. I'm now 99.9% certain that it'll suck and I'll regret seeing it.

1:41 PM  

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