Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Couple of things

- Rick Goddard is a decorated veteran who served as a general for many years. These days he's challenging Rep. Jim Marshall, who is arguably one of the more popular politicians in the state despite that 'D' next to his name. After Marshall defeated another popular politician, Mac Collins, last year, Goddard was supposed to be the ace in the hole for the state GOP to finally take that seat. Of course, Goddard has proven to be a rather ill-equipped fella with a laughable understanding of how Congress works. The general has been criticizing Marshall for being 'absent' during a recent vote on the Farm Bill. Well, Marshall was ... because he was in Iraq visiting with Georgia soldiers. And Marshall, who serves on the House Agricultural Committee, helped write the bill and worked to ensure its passage by a safe margin before leaving. So Chris sums up ...

(Goddard) doesn’t even appear to have any criticisms of the bill save for Marshall’s absence during the vote. He seems to be saying: Hey 8th District, your Congressman is ineffective because ... well ... a bill you wanted passed on his watch after he helped write it.

- Goddard's response, of course, is brilliant. If by 'brilliant' I mean 'utterly ridiculous.'

- When they move, can we stick a Trader Joe's or Fresh Market in their place?

- Initially, I'm not crazy about a local ordinance against McMansions.

- I know, I know ... a ton of of folks have linked to it already, but what isn't awesome about Miss Teen South Carolina linking South Africa and 'The I-Rack!' to our own educational woes? She attempted to redeem herself, but this moment is too priceless.


Anonymous Stop!theBS said...

When they move, can we stick a Trader Joe's or Fresh Market in their place?

Someone at St. Joe's apparently realized the impact of not having a median cut when all the good Catholics are coming out to drop of their kids for school.

I see more multifamily housing in ACC's future.

9:30 AM  
Blogger Billy Merck said...

How about more luxury condos? I don't think we have enough of those yet.

12:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget 400k "Rustic Bungalows

1:38 PM  

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