Thursday, March 06, 2008

Rhetoric and record

I have to say that I respectfully disagree with Andre's assertion here.

To be clear, I agree with him, and other bloggers, that the notion that the DPG is not letting primary challengers to incumbent Democratic officials purchase voter files any more is poor policy, and one I hope they change sooner rather than later. However, to suggest that this is something which ultimately kills the concept of Jane Kidd and the DPG supporting grassroots organization is off-base.

Poor policy aside, the reality is that many state parties - Democratic and Republican - don't sell voter files to anyone. The reality is that several private list brokers offer voter files for sale that are comparable to and sometimes better than existing party ones (particularly in a state where one party enjoys a significant advantage).

Furthermore, the DPG, under Kidd's leadership, has reached out and empowered county parties across the state. There are new county party structures being built up in places where there has been little to no Democratic organization for years. If that isn't grassroots, then I'm not sure what is.

Again, the DPG should let those files be available to all prospective candidates, but this one action doesn't mean they don't desire to see a competitive and growing party.

Aside from that, kudos to Kidd for endorsing Barack Obama.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

kudos to Jane, to Mary Long, to John Barrow, it's great! Has anyone seen the Texas results yet, the Times said they would be out late today, but I just checked, and they're not posted yet.


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