Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Blogger wars

There's a big hullabaloo regarding who and how the Democratic National Committee selected individual state bloggers to join their respective state's delegations. My friends at Tondee's Tavern got picked, and good for them. They're arguably the premier Democratic blog in the state and are the most deserving one to go.

Still, while there were some obvious flaws in the process, it seems to me that the real issue was that not enough blogs were taken. Listen, everyone and their mother runs a blog now, and everyone and their mother thinks they're an expert on everything these days. I'm not immune from this little diagnosis, so I can't hurl those stones at that glass house in the distance, but on some level you have to kind of thing ... grow up. In the coming years, as online media continues to evolve and both political parties begin to understand its role better, you'll see the credential process change and more bloggers will be included (and, I suspect, less members of the traditional media credentialed).

In addition to giving Flack a backhanded compliment, Andre thinks we should look at race in this whole thing. And while I concur that it would be much nicer to have a more diverse blogging population present, I'd be curious to see the traffic numbers for the sites in question before jumping to any conclusions on this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know Andre. I think they made a difficult choice well.

I stop by the Tavern pretty much daily. They have a little bit of everything over there, very well done. If you can't read it there, you can link to it from there. Great choice, imho.


11:26 PM  
Blogger Sara said...

If they just picked the most well known or biggest blog covering state Democratic politics in each state, with no consideration of the race or gender of the blog authors, then I think calling the process racist is foolish. Certainly people can complain that it would have been nice for the DNC to work to promote some diversity in the blogging corps, but their failure to do that is not inherently racist.

9:12 AM  
Blogger decaturguy said...

Andre, foolish? Never

11:43 AM  

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