Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Saxon's challenge

In the 'I Get Emails' department, Bobby Saxon has challenged Paul Broun to debate him in every county ...

"I recently accepted the following invitations to debate the issues facing the voters of the 10th District. Today, I again call on Congressman Broun to debate me in every county. The voters of every county in District 10 have the right to make an informed decision when they visit the ballot box," Bobby said.

September 13th - Radio forum on the Martha Zoller show broadcast in front of a live audience from Brenau University (WDUN 55O AM) at noon.

September 23rd - Forum sponsored by the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce at 7:00PM.

September 30th - Debate sponsored by the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity at Augusta State University in Augusta.

October 4th - Debate sponsored by the Columbia County Democratic Committee at 7:00PM.

October 26th - Debate sponsored by the Atlanta Press Club live on Georgia Public Broadcasting TV at 6:30PM.

TBD - Debate live on the Austin Rhodes radio show in Augusta.

"As an outspoken supporter of debate during his first congressional race, I am certain Congressman Broun will work to ensure that the voters of all twenty-one counties receive equal treatment."


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