Thursday, August 21, 2008

Week One observations

Random thoughts as I'm a week into residence in The OC ...

- I don't think I'm ever going to get used to having horses in my backyard. It's pretty friggin' cool, and I'm going outside almost hourly to see if they've wandered over. As a side note - having not really ever been around horses - you don't realize exactly how large of animals they are until you're up close.

- The Butler's Crossing Publix is solid. It's hard to let go of my Atlanta Highway one, but this one is laid out very well (though, for the life of me, I'm always baffled why most grocery stores have the meat located near the entrance ... only Harris Teeter, to my knowledge, doesn't do this) and offers individual slices of their Key Lime Pie.

- If there is a door stop in our house, my daughter will find it.

- Related to Publix, it seems really weird to me that in my three trips there (yes, I go to the store that frequently) most of the checkout attendents are somewhat socially awkward. All good people and friendly, just not big talkers, and seeing how I like to chat with a lot of folks, we've had some uncomfortable conservations. On the other hand, the folks at the deli counter are ridiculously nice and all too eager to talk to you. Last Saturday, I got a very thorough rundown of the new type of roasted chicken they're offering.

- You think you have a lot of books until you get wall-to-wall bookshelves, and then you realize you need some more.

- In the 'I-can't-logically-explain-this' department, I like The Taco Stand here. Now, most friends of mine know that I absolutely hate The Taco Stand, so why this one is OK with me, I can't reconcile.

- That said, it pains me to be this far away from Food For The Soul. And Five Star Day. Fortunately, I have on my calendar to visit both tomorrow.


Blogger Oconee Democrat said...

The Oconee County Taco Stand is run by Mark Marchand, former guitarist for Smile Rabbit and the Pallet Jacks. Love me some Tilapia tacos

10:26 AM  
Blogger Josh M. said...

Harris Teeter still exists?

11:24 PM  

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