Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yeah, but ...

Awesome. I know Phil Kent! And I genuinely like the guy as a person, though his political views are typically not supported by logic and pretty far out there.

I think my earlier dismissal of Tim Echols's commentary does a good job addressing the same points raised by Kent. One additional one worth noting is that Kent argues that schools in Arizona and California are offering the pledge in Spanish - again, this spells the end of society how? - but the logical response to that would be ... why is Paul Broun introducing this measure then? Why isn't some determined and dedicated representative from those areas doing it? Since this appears to be a local issue, surely one of the congressman out there would do something about this.

Because, if not, Broun's just being a busybody ... and, of course, worrying too much about the issues affecting people in Arizona rather than, oh I don't know, trying to fight for things like the USDA facility in Oconee County.


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