Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The thing I think Anthony Postero is right about is that I've noticed more careless cyclists on the road since the beginning of summer than I can previously recall which, as I've noted before, does a disservice to the individuals and groups who rightfully advocate for safe, alternative transportation options and actually follow the rules.

The comments that follow the letter offer some solutions to address this issue, but I think they don't get to the heart of the matter. If you want to see this problem addressed, you add bike lanes where applicable and affordable and hand out citations to cyclists who either ride side-by-side on the road or do not use a bike lane where one is available.

The enforcement of such a move might prove to be tricky, but it would seem to be an effective way to address the matter without penalizing the law-abiding cyclists in our community.


Blogger Nicki said...

I'm frustrated, as well, by continually reading about cylists as such miscreants, both as a cyclist and as someone who seems a bunch of motorists living in glass houses as it were.

That said, I hate bike lanes. I think they're great for encouraging unseasoned riders onto the road and/or setting aside a space for bikes where they might get bullied otherwise and are also unlikely to need to turn left (such as on east campus road). But it's much easier and more logical for bikes to travel as traffic in traffic that is reasonably comparable in speed. And unfortunately a lot of drivers seem to think that bike lanes are bike ghettos from which no bike should stray. I hope bike lanes never come to Prince Avenue other than near the loop.

And I don't think that advocating enforcement will do any good because technically it already occurs. However, like running stop signs or jaywalking, you might catch 1 in 100 offenders.

Finally, I think this debate would be a lot better if everyone would just be more courteous. Some woman chased me down recently to shout at me because I as a pedestrian crossed the street in front of her -- and I had the right-of-way and she was substantially far from the intersection. I have been cut off, shouted at, had things thrown at me, and so on -- which is just ridiculous and needs to stop.

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