Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mitigating circumstances

This is an interesting read regarding the proposed Epps Bridge Parkway shopping center. From my initial review, the project appears to be a monstrosity that will only exacerbate traffic along a corridor that is filling up with more and more vehicles on the road, along with stack up yet another strip mall that will roll into the predictably boom-and-bust cycle that practically all strip malls follow.

But Lee Becker's research regarding the oddity of the developer desiring to mitigate wetlands damage in Greene County rather than the immediate geographical area is another red flag. If this project is to march forward, any mitigation work should be done in the immediate area where the project has impacted the local environment, and Becker identified an emerging mitigation bank in Rose Creek that is available for credit purchase and, presumably, would offer the necessary ones needed to enable the project to proceed.


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