Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Asking again

Ben echoes my thoughts on Bobby Saxon with a fine piece of work that ends with this money quote ...

And (Saxon) poses a good question: If I’m too far to the right for you, then how about Paul Broun?

I had a couple of conversations with some folks yesterday who, in honest terms, explained their hestitation in financially supporting Saxon. And they had some valid concerns, including ones that I don't necessarily disagree with.

But that misses the point altogether ... Broun is a disaster of a congressman, and we created him. We got all up in arms because Jim Whitehead made some inappropriate comments about Athens-Clarke County so, when Jim Marlow got bumped out of the runoff election, a good number of moderates and Democrats in this area flocked to back Broun solely to keep Whitehead out.

And what did it get us? How about a congressman whose own philosophical views hinder him from actually representing his constituents yet don't seem to matter when it comes to him spending taxpayer money to get himself reelected. How about a congressman who is more than happy to propose a bill that may address a possible issue in the American Southwest but can't be bothered to fight for the USDA facility in his own backyard.

Say what you want about Whitehead - and I can say a lot - but I've got a feeling he would have known how to work within the system and provide better representation for the 10th District than Broun ever could.

Broun played us, and now he's betting that he won't be held accountable for the things he's done or the representation he fails to provide to the people of this district. But, I'll tell you this ... there's chinks in Broun's armor, there's discontent among Republicans in the Augusta area, there's interest beginning to build for Saxon in traditionally red areas and, with a little bit of help, this could get pretty interesting.

Remember how Democrats in the Athens area got behind Broun to tip him over against Whitehead? Imagine if Republicans in the Augusta area got behind Saxon to tip him over against Broun? It can happen if he gets the resources to get his message out.

I'm asking again ... consider helping Saxon out.


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