Thursday, September 11, 2008

Break out the bobbleheads!

Tim Bryant over at 1340-AM had it first, but everyone's got it now as Paul Broun has decided to not debate Bobby Saxon in Athens-Clarke County ... which is barely a year after Broun harshly criticized Jim Whitehead for not debating him in Athens-Clarke County. Of course, that was when Broun was running as a faux populist(ish) conservative insurgent, and now he's just a sitting congressman fending off a challenge.

I'm not terribly shocked by Broun's refusal since, obviously, it's a political decision (one has to assume he's in control of this election and there's no real need to put himself on the same stage as his challenger, particularly given how poor of a debater Broun is).

But I'm also not shocked seeing how Broun has been revealed to be nothing more than a blatant hypocrite more concerned with self-preservation than either adhering to his own supposed principles or actually serving his constituents in a way that doesn't use them as political pawns.

While I'm not of the mindset that debates - at least in their current structure in today's environment where it's all for show anyway - are overwhelmingly necessary to the political process, they are useful tools that gives voters the ability to see candidates stand side-by-side and air our their differing views. But, then again, that isn't the real problem here.

The real problem is that we have a congressman who is more obsessed with parroting some ridiculously false narrative about his principled views, but time and time again does the exact opposite and it hurts our district.

Broun opposed seeking funding for local projects, passing the buck to Georgia's two senators to get the job done, but is more than happy to take credit for their success.

Broun talks about responsible, fiscal conservatism, but has no qualms about spending almost every dime of his taxpayer-supported congressional budget by mid-year solely to help him fend off a primary challenge from a more well-funded opponent.

Broun decries 'big government intervention' but is all to eager to do so to address what may or may not be a problem in California.

And now, Broun was for the debates before he was against them.

It would be pathetically comical if it wasn't so real ... and if Highway 78 was dotted with massive yards signs featuring Broun's smug grin, as if he knows that he's pulled the biggest joke on all of these voters.

Brian's got a good take on this at his place, and it's definitely worth a read.


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