Monday, September 08, 2008

What myth?

Aside from playing politics, Karen Handel also enjoys spinning a yarn or two, as evident by her inability to do basic math with regard to voter registrations ...

"Statistics on [the Secretary of State's] website show that between January and August of this year, black voter registration rose by 149,840 (from 1,226,426 to 1,376,266 – an increase of 12.2%).

During the same time period, white voter registration increased by 159,650 (from 2,967,199 to 3,126,840 – an increase of 5.38%).

That's 309,490 newly-registered voters during the time period, 51.5 percent of them white and 48.4 percent of them black.

Whatever it is – or is not – it's different from what was happening four years ago.
During the same time frame in 2004, the number of black voters rose by 47,379 (from 1,017,579 to 1,064,958 – a gain of 4.7%) and the number of white voters rose by 21,641 (from 2,757,792 to 2,779,433 – a gain of 0.78%)."

This can largely be attributed to the aggressive voter registration efforts made by Barack Obama (and some additional response to that from grassroots GOP organizations), and while I still don't see him winning Georgia it's absurd for Handel to suggest there hasn't been a surge in registrations here.


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