Thursday, September 04, 2008

No thanks

Travis Marshall can file all the lawsuits he wants, but the Oconee County Commission made the right choice by adhering to the overwhelming wishes of the community and following the plan for development. Marshall's proposal ran contrary to both of those, and it was rightfully denied.

Keeping that area of the county in its more rural state is the right choice, as is encouraging denser pockets of development in targeted areas in the north portion of the county, as evidenced by the upcoming vote on the proposed shopping center near the Oconee Connector.

I'm not a huge fan of said proposal seeing how there's a lot of wasted opportunity with regard to how the Epps Bridge Parkway corridor has been developed to date, but at least it follows the rational of targeted development rather than what used to go on, which was random developments with little to no regard for the actual environment near them.


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