Monday, September 08, 2008

Nothing yet

No word yet on if Paul Broun will actually debate Bobby Saxon despite the latter's request to financially challenged congressman to do so in each county.


Blogger Oconee Democrat said...

So let's start calling up his Athens office and keep pestering Dr. Broun to do so.

2:26 PM  
Blogger Ned said...

This quote springs to mind: "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt"

7:10 PM  
Blogger Bender said...

There's a political forum going on in Gainesville this Saturday at Brenau University. Both candidates have been asked to appear.. Broun hasn't committed yet...

9:58 PM  
Blogger ModCon said...

Apparently Broun has declined to attend or send a surrogate to the Brenau forum. Surprise, surprise.

2:22 PM  

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