Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Challenges of growth

Hmmmm ... I don't know about this, namely because I haven't determined what I think the most efficient form of government would be. Currently, Athens-Clarke County operates with a full-time appointed position of county manager which is ably handled by Alan Reddish, while electing a separate position of mayor to serve, more or less, as the guiding voice of the commission (setting the agenda, developing the budget, managing the various meetings, serving as one of the government's representatives in the community, etc.).

For the most part, this set-up has served the community well.

However, I've also had a belief that the mayor should have more authority than the position currently has now, and that any sort of slot for a manager would be someone who would be more of a chief of staff for the mayor, assisting him/her in implementing the necessary changes.

Truth be told, I don't know which arrangement would work better, but I do agree with Carl Jordan's assessment ... which is namely that Athens-Clarke County is a growing community that will face more complicated and larger challenges due to said growth. A full-time position with a pay scale that is comparable to ones in neighboring communities makes sense.


Blogger Christopher T. Anderson said...

I would tend to agree. You have to ask yourself who you want in the position. At the current salary, it has to be someone who, for whatever reason, can afford to work for way less than the market rate for someone with the skills necessary to do a good job. To me, that would seem to set us up for a far more limited selection of candidates.

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