Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Band geeks vs. jocks


Forget accusations of the Athens Banner-Herald being biased for liberals or conservatives let's focus on the real debate ... the Clarke Central marching band taking on its football team war!

Granted I think Joseph's Trotochaud's claim that the football team doesn't need lines to practice is kinda far-fetched - it's always good to know exactly how far 25 yards is if you're working on, say, a slant patten designed to pick up 25 yards - there isn't a workable solution to this? Clarke Central has two fields to work on in their practice field and Billy Henderson Stadium, and one of those should have lines on it at all times.

Then again, you wouldn't necessarily want a group of individuals trampling all over your football field to practice a five minute routine when you've got to spend 48 minutes on it that same evening.


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