Monday, October 20, 2008

AGG redux

Calling this a 'sham' might be too harsh, but it's insulting to delve into the endorsement of Ed Robinson from Athens Grow Green, and Blake notices this too.

Consider this from the endorsement ...

Environmental issues are a prominent aspect of his platform, including a stronger tree protection ordinance, expanded controls on mass grading, strengthening the transit system, reducing emissions from the ACC government’s vehicle fleet and facilities, and improving water conservation rates.

Um, how exactly did they glean this information from Robinson's submitted survey? If you go to Robinson's issues page you find a mention of some of these things, but nothing really in detail on any of the noted topics.

Listen, I've got no problem with AGG endorsing Robinson. I think he arguably lines up with their views more so than Red Petrovs does. I do, however, take issue with requiring candidates to fill out a survey that is supposed to illuminate the organization's membership on their views and then, by all appearances, ignoring those responses to endorse a certain candidate.


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