Thursday, October 09, 2008

It's getting serious now

Though die-hards like Buzz will try to tell you otherwise, I'd be pretty wary if I was one of the establishment Republicans who's still standing with Saxby Chambliss. Jim Martin's Daily Kos endorsement and subsequent addition to its 'Orange to Blue' program is a big deal with regard to his ability to garner some much needed resources in this state.

In less than 24 hours, he's raised close to $20,000 alone from small donors and the DSCC is now giving this race a real hard look. I still think Chambliss is in the driver's seat in this thing, but he's pretty unpopular and Martin's hitting all the right notes in his campaign.

And a new poll from Strategic Vision shows Martin within three points and Libertarian Allen Buckley gaining steam too. This will be a lot closer than folks expect, particularly if Martin capitalizes on the anger over Chambliss's vote for the bailout and African-Americans turn out at 30 percent or higher, which I think is very likely.


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