Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Robinson in 2004

I had a nice email exchange with some folks from Athens Grow Green (honestly, a good one), where I expressed where I was coming from in my criticism and comments. And, truth be told, I dug through some previous questionnaires to take a look and Ed Robinson's responses in 2004 during his bid for the District 10 seat were insanely thorough.

Why he didn't show as much thoughtfulness this time around, who knows.


Blogger paveplanet said...

Because he has a very limited agenda and really has no true idea of how to tackle the real issues that the 6th District and ACC is facing. Come on, how is it possible to expect that this government will become a zero emissions government as his number 1 budget priority??????

I dislike a lot of Red's positions, but I at least understand how Red's gets to them and believe that they are grounded in at least a little bit of reality. Ed is good at providing one sentence soundbites and not much more.

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