Monday, November 17, 2008

Free speech

Granted, I think Tim Echols's editorial is rather ludicrious, but then again I think most of Echols's editorials are ludicrious so it's really not a shock I suppose.

It is worth noting that Echols is clinging to this notion that Paul Broun merely wanted to start a discussion when he suggested that Barack Obama is planning to impose a Marxist dictatorship on our nation. Well, what Echols fails to recognize is that we're actually having that discussion ... it's just that it's going rather poorly for his guy.

For instance, Broun accuses Obama of desiring to launch an American Gestapo. More sensible people point out that Obama was referring to a call for public service that would provide opportunities for infrastructure enchancements, public health, education, etc. It's an idea that has been championed by Democrats and Republicans alike (both Obama and former opponent John McCain held a joint forum on the very topic earlier this ummer).

Again, to sensible people this is correcting the record with, you know, facts. To Echols, this is an attempt to stamp out discussion of Broun's paranoid beliefs.

The discussion is going on. It's just that you're not doing well.


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