Monday, November 24, 2008

Um ...

The Georgia Republican Party apparently thinks The Wife is a conservative since we keep getting RoboCalls and mail pieces on Saxby Chambliss's behalf. Of course, if you ever actually met The Wife you'd realize pretty quickly she is anything but a Republican.

Still, the mail piece we got today picked up on the familiar narrative of 'stopping the liberal agenda' and used lots of pictures of Democrats to underscore this point. I get Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid being included, though I think Barney Frank is kind of a stretch since I wonder how many Georgia Republicans know what he looks like.

The oddest inclusion was Keith Olbermann. Not because he's a progressive since it makes sense that the GOP would throw the kitchen sink in this race, but rather because he's a merely media figure. Voting for Chambliss won't do anything to deter Olbermann's presence on MSNBC, will it? It isn't like he's got a vote in the U.S. Senate (if he did, it might make the focus on this race less relevant), so it's kinda silly to make the message 'Vote Saxby! Stop Olbermann!'


Blogger Adrian said...

During W's first term I got a letter-size photo of him in the mail with a fake handwritten note that said something like "thank you for your support." Since I had just gotten laid off I interpreted it to mean "thanks for giving up your job so I can achieve my global market agenda that will eliminate the middle class."

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