Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Birthday

My buddy Tim is a huge Orioles fan and, understandably so, is also a huge Cal Ripken Jr. fan. It turns out that Ripken and his brother, Billy Ripken, also have a satellite radio show that airs on Saturdays. Tim's wife, The Wife's former college roommate and longtime friend Carrie enjoyed calling in to said show and, on numerous occasions, actually got through.

Apparently there was one time where the conversation turned to a thermos - yes, a thermos - and Carrie, in her generosity, opted to send Billy Ripken a thermos. He received it, they discussed it on the air and to this date, if Carrie calls in, they let her right through and refer to her as 'Thermos Girl' or something like that.

There's no real reason to pass this story on aside from the fact that today is Billy Ripken's 44th birthday.


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