Sunday, December 14, 2008


Does Auburn really think Gene Chizek is gonna do better than Tommy Tuberville? I mean, I don't know why you'd fire a guy who went through a 5-7 season that is clearly an anamoly based on the previous nine years of his tenure (of course, aside from the fact the Tigers absolutely panicked when they saw the success Nick Saban had at Alabama).

But Chizek? Not only does recent evidence suggest he's going to have a rough go of it at Auburn via his 5-19 record at Iowa State, but he just completely decapitated that program by stripping various coordinators of their coaching responsibilities and firing other members of the coaching staff there earlier this week.

And we're to believe Chizek is a better option than Turner Gill or Gary Patterson or Charlie Strong ... coaches with proven track records of success? I mean, more power to Auburn, but I don't see this gambit working out for them.


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