Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rethinking SPLOST

I think this editorial is mostly right, but I'd like to see the state and local governments begin thinking about using methods like bonds to fund human capital projects as well.

The same goes for SPLOST. Currently, funding raised from SPLOST must be used for capital projects (i.e. infrastructure or buildings), but it would be refreshing for a legislator in Atlanta to say 'why can't we tinker with this thing to give local communities more flexibility to support additional projects?' Consider if Athens-Clarke County could use SPLOST revenues to fund, say, the health care component of OneAthens? Or if Oconee County could invest it into a comprehensive economic redevelopment plan for Bishop?

Right now we keep building buildings and laying roads - all vital needs for our communities that also create jobs - but, as the editorial notes, what about filling those school classrooms with teachers or parks with the appropriate staff? I don't know if I'd be fully for using SPLOST revenues for general operating costs, but I do think they should be considered to fund special programs.


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