Monday, December 08, 2008

Just to kill him

I don't know a ton about the Troy Davis case, but it seems to me that Erick and others who think like him simply want to kill Davis largely because a bunch of people who think differently than them have pointed out that almost all of the witnesses who testified against him have recanted their stories.

Davis may be guilty, and he may deserve the death penalty. But it also seems that, given that the bulk of the evidence used to sentence him to death has been called into question, we ought to do another trial. It isn't as if we're just going to let him go free into the night, but rather make him go through a trial to determine if his guilt should hold up.

We shouldn't just kill him because 'it's taking a long time' or because 'people I don't like say he needs a re-trial.' That might have worked back in the day of Caesar, but it shouldn't apply now.


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