Wednesday, December 03, 2008

NBAF reaction

I'm hearing from some local folks regarding the decision to locate NBAF in Manhattan, Kansas, and so far the sentiment appears to be that Kansas was able to put together an appealing and fairly lucrative package that none of the other communities could match.

From Red Petrovs, co-chair of OneAthens ...

I’m not surprised that NBAF went to Kansas. From what I understand, the state of Kansas backed up the money truck and promised to start unloading it all in NBAF’s pockets if they got the deal. GA was unwilling to match their offer, so it stands to reason that from a purely monetary standpoint we fell behind at that point. I think that, based purely on the merits of the proposals for support, Athens was head and shoulders above everyone else. However, the financial incentives provided by Kansas were hard to overcome.

From Alice Kinman, Athens-Clarke County District Four Commissioner ...

I have to say that I'm not really surprised when you look at the generous package Kansas was offering.


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