Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Random football blogging

- One thing I'm definitely weary of is all of the talk of Texas deserving to go to the Big 12 Championship ahead of Oklahoma, and that's namely because it's selective history on the part of the advocates for the Longhorns. Regardless of how far down Texas Tech fell in the polls after their thrasing at the hands of the Sooners, the Red Raiders were still locked in a three-way tie with those two teams and beat Texas. Seeing how we're not arguing for who plays in the BCS Championship Game, but rather a conference title game, there's nothing terribly wrong with relying on the BCS standings to determine who should emerge from the Big 12 South (particularly since it was one of the last tie-breakers that could be used). Oklahoma has performed better, has more quality wins and deserved the higher ranking and placement in the title game.

- Three big coaching decisions in the past few days, and all three I'm skeptical of. Does Clemson honestly think Dabo Sweeney is the answer to their problems? Does Tennessee expect Lane Kiffin, who had only a handful of years of experience as a coordinator and failed miserably in the NFL, to be the one who can righten their ship? And does Notre Dame believe that Charlies Weis will actually, you know, learn how to coach?

- Everyone's forgotten Southern California, but shouldn't the Trojans be garnering some consideration for the BCS Championship Game? Their offense is, well, what you normally expect out of Southern California, but that's not the real story this year. The Trojans defense leads the nation in total defense (210 yards per game) and scoring defense (7.82 points per game). They've allowed 10 touchdowns all year long ... 10. Granted, I'm moving almost fully into the mindset that we ought to have something along the lines of an eight-team playoff because that would give us the chance to see Southern California's defense flex its muscle against either Florida or Oklahoma.

- Call me crazy, but I like Alabama over Florida in the SEC Championship Game.


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