Monday, December 01, 2008

Find a pillow to sit on

I've got a couple of questions regarding this story in The Augusta Chronicle concerning corporal punishment in Georgia's schools. From what I've seen, corporal punishment is defined as you would expect, namely paddling or spanking. I can recall only seeing it employed a handful of times back when I was in school, and that was during my elementary school days.

Which is why those statistics stood out to me. It's just difficult for me to believe that 776 students were spanked at Elbert County High School last year putting it at No. 2 in Georgia (more than 1,200 received corporal punishment at Randolph-Clay High School to lead the state).

Again, most of the interpretations I've seen suggest that corporal punishment means paddling, which is why this makes such little sense to me. It's hard to believe that 776 students at a high school were spanked.


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