Monday, December 01, 2008

Where change may not be coming

If Mark Richt sticks to his word, then I'll be very, very disappointed.

T. Kyle eloquently explains why changes need to be made, but now I have little hope it will actually happen. Apparently allowing more than 40 points 11 times in three-and-a-half years means your defense is 'awesome' to some people, but to folks like me, it's indicative of a larger problem ... and one that has consistently kept Georgia out of the national title picture despite having the necessary talent to compete for said prize.

But more than the defense, something has to change with the Bulldogs' special teams play. It's atrocious in every facet ... kick coverage, fielding kicks and punts, keeping the kickoff in-bounds and past, say, the 15-yard-line, etc. When you like at what Florida and Alabama have done with their special teams play this year, and you look at the athletes Georgia has, it's frustrating to see such consistently poor performances in this area.

I think changes have to be made, and hopefully some positive ones can be put in place in the off-season.


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