Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Adapting to the future

We might be seeing a mass exodus at Creative Loafing as longtime editor Ken Edelstein was fired and Andisheh Nouraee resigned shortly after Edelstein's dismissal. Apparently, according to this report, Edelstein was let go after a heated verbal exchange between him and CEO Ben Easom with the latter wanting to push through cuts to the advertising and editorial staffs.

While I've enjoyed both Edelstein and Nouraee during their time there, such cuts aren't awfully shocking (though I admire them standing up for what they believe in). I recently spoke at a conference for Public Relations students at the University of Georgia, and we focused extensively on how print publications were slashing their budgets as the media transitions more fully to an online format.

Circulation is done, and, given our economic woes, the revenues from advertising are falling too. Online publications, with smaller staffs and lower ad rates, are rapidly emerging as a viable alternative (coupled with niche print publications like, say, small town weeklies or topical periodicals remaining strong).

All of that said, Safe As Houses will be undergoing some changes in the coming weeks, and as they become clearer, I'll let you know.


Blogger Kelly Girtz said...

Sad about Andishee - he is one of the gems of CL. He oughta publish a collection of the hilarious "your war questions answered" columns. Along with Mara Shaloup, one of the writers whose work I always look forward to reading in that rag. Also, extra credit to him for writing about both culture and politics a la Nat Hentoff.

That said, CL has been a publication of diminishing returns for me in recent years. Compare it to a top-notch weekly like Austin's Chronicle, and it seems like lotsa porn ads and fluff.

Good luck, journalists of the world!

3:06 PM  

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