Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cue the faux outrage

Erick's attacking Think Progress which, for me, is a weird version of worlds colliding.

Apparently one of the research directors for the Center for American Progress requested being added to Saxby Chambliss's media list under the guise that he was contributing to conservative blogs. Knowing that CAP has another branch known as Think Progress that exists as a New Media arm of the organization designed to advocate and argue for said progressive policies, and that much coverage has been given to the U.S. Senate runoff in Georgia, it's not terribly stunning they'd try to get access to the press releases trickling out of the Chambliss campaign.

And one would presume if the director said 'hey, I run a progressive policy institute ... can we get your press releases so we can debunk them' the Chambliss campaign was say 'um, that's OK.' Hence this less-than-honest, but not out of the ordinary, approach.

So, Erick's 'mad' ... which is what he enjoys being as of late.

Naturally, he's ignoring Think Progress's reporting of a Republican PAC that is having a Fox analyst solicit funds while serving on-air in an official capacity.

Seeking media lists is inexcusable, but journalistic conflict of interest questions are par for the course.


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