Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The crystal ball

A new poll has Johnny Isakson below 50 percent against two prospective Democratic challengers in 2010, which is pretty interesting.

Andy's tending bar at Tondee's Tavern, and he's enthusiastic about taking down Isakson ... though I still treat that notion with a healthy dose of skepticism. Isakson's bolstered by a more positive public image than Saxby Chambliss, and he'll be running in a non-Obama year.

Then again, to be fair, the demographics are shifting in Georgia. If Barack Obama is able to put in place an agenda which brings about some success in alleviating the economic crisis, that could buoy a challenge to Isakson.

I don't see Thurbert Baker or Jim Marshall jumping into the race though. I think Baker's content in sitting tight for now, and no one can ever figure out what Marshall is going to do. I've always heard governor as a possibility for him (and I've heard John Barrow as well for governor, in addition to some other possibilities).

I see a Democrat having a better chance in taking back the Governor's Mansion in 2010 rather than earn a seat in the U.S. Senate.


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