Monday, December 01, 2008

The crystal ball

This poll got kinda buried during the Thanksgiving holiday, but it shows former Gov. Roy Barnes facing narrow deficits to the two presumed Republican candidates in Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle and Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine.

I think Barnes would make a very strong candidate if he opted to give it a go in 2010 due to his large fundraising base and his name recognition. Plus, given the frustrations with many regarding Republican rule in Atlanta, Barnes offers a direct link to a different type of governance. He'd make it a close race regardless of his opponent.

The poll also factored in Jim Marshall, who I think would be a fine candidate, but I'm going to stick by the strength of John Barrow. He's got a clear advantage in the 12th Congressional District, a solid fundraising base and centrist positions (including an NRA endorsement this past election cycle) that would make him a very appealing Democratic challenger.

I know a lot of folks have soured on Barrow - and I've been awfully frustrated with many of his turns to the right - but, politically speaking, he's carved out a very successful niche for himself and would be a very viable candidate.


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