Friday, December 19, 2008

What if ...

We spent the better part of the past election cycle hearing that Bill Cowsert is regarded as one of the up-and-comers in state politics. And, judging by the strong show of support he received from folks like Sonny Perdue and Casey Cagle, it's evident that he's going to be more than just the state senator for District 46.

I'm curious, though, to what 'more' means for him. With two political heavyweights in John Oxendine and Casey Cagle already running for governor, another one in Karen Handel rumored to be a candidate and speculation still surrounding Johnny Isakson, the state's top office seems out. Likewise, with Eric Johnson declaring for Lt. Governor, Cowsert would have a tough time seeking that seat.

I don't see much upside for Cowsert to run for either Secretary of State or Secretary of Agriculture (though it could grant him a statewide audience) and, quite frankly, he's too sharp of a politician to focus on those seats.

So, I'm going to toss something out there that I've been mulling over in my mind ... why doesn't Cowsert primary Paul Broun? He's got bipartisan appeal, could eat into Broun's base in Oconee County, could do very well in the Augusta area where Broun still isn't terribly popular and can raise money in bunches.

By no means would it be an easy race, and I'd assume that Broun would still be the favorite in it ... but Cowsert's the one Republican who could make it interesting.


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