Thursday, December 18, 2008

More on EADC and HCDC

I think my friend Jeff is right and wrong. I think he's spot-on with his criticism of the Athens Banner-Herald's criticism of a proposed jobs training program for low-income students. Namely that the point of said program isn't the gear these kids up for a career in fast-food, but to help teach them lessons about responsibility, financial stewardship, work ethics, etc. The fact that it's managing a concession stand is merely a vehicle to impart such lessons, and, quite frankly, I thought it was beneath the editorial staff to bring up such comparisons.

However, while I admire Jeff's optimism, I have to levy some skepticism on the whole process. Again, the problem wasn't that the East Athens Development Corporation or the Hancock Corridor Development Corporation weren't offering good programs, it's rather that they weren't running them in a proper way that was best serving their respective communities. Whether or not they've remedied those problems is central to them receiving funding this year, and the evidence suggests that they'll face stiffer competition this time around.

Because, remember, this money is not earmarked for those two organizations, and, in fact, it's not even earmarked for the targeted census tracts.


Blogger jmSnowden said...

I think you might have misunderstood my position. I’m not saying these groups should get their funding. I’m saying they should get their chance to state their case in full without having the paper attack them in what I believe is an unfair manner.
This community was made well aware that these groups had serious issues. It was my understanding that the groups would have a chance to submit a plan that would reflect changes more in accordance with expectations.

If every non-profit in town got publicly pushed through the Gauntlet in this manner before having their case for funding made, I think very few would survive. Both you and I know at least a few non-profits that would suffer severely if the ABH crosshairs were put on them and their plans were partially reported and fully attacked in such a manner. I know of at least one authority that if enough light were shown on them, they would turn to ashes much like that scene in Interview With A Vampire.

Let them have their chance to report their plans in the manner they would like to report them. If they fall short, let them fall short and tell them why. It’s only fair and it’s only what they were let to believe would be their opportunity.

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