Wednesday, December 17, 2008

But it's not funny

While I give Sonny Perdue credit for being willing to utilize bonds as a way to generate some localized economic stimulus, on pretty much everything else I just don't think he's got a clue.

And this latest 'Go Fish' nonsense makes me think he's come completely unhinged ...

“Some have laughed at Go Fish, some even in the media have laughed at this program,” said Perdue. “This is the first example of Georgia having the last laugh. Frankly, that’s because this is what we envisioned.”

Landing a singular tournament two years into your pet project that yields only a fraction of the initial investment? All the while you're telling every state department to cut back on spending by eight percent? That's a success?

This man has lost his mind.


Blogger Josh M. said...

I wish Perdue had a beer while he fished. Then we could buy it on Sundays.

I'd love to have the taxpayers prop up my hobbies.

12:01 PM  

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