Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why it matters to some

Just to be clear, I wouldn't know Andre from Adam, but I do think he's dishonest, self-serving and all too eager to throw his own side under the bus to make other people like him and advance his own personal ambitions. To top it off, I think he routinely makes oversimplified arguments that offer baseless criticism and do nothing but make only a handful of the most extreme right-wing conservatives go 'that's right ... finally one of those guys gets it right!'

Back in July, Andre criticized the Democratic Party of Georgia for voting for one African-American DNC representative out of four possible elected slots, or 25 percent. Again, to be clear, this representation is far worse than the Republicans having one African-American represent them out of 15 possible slots, or six percent. That stellar ratio is 'awesome' in Andre's eyes.

There's a reason his link isn't included on my blogroll anymore ... or at Tondee's Tavern ... or at Atlanta Public Affairs ... or at a whole host of progressive-leaning blogs in this state. And that's largely because of what Grift highlights in 'Blog Stories of the Year' Countdown ...

That the original sinner did not participate in these conversations and instead allowed others to defend a community stained by his actions did not pass unnoticed.

Time will tell if the actions of one blogger will be used as a cautionary tale in future judgments of the community, but as we will shortly see, the power of the medium cannot be contained and retrograde movements can be followed by massive leaps forward.

In the past two weeks, Andre has advocated for kicking folks out on the street during the holidays, baselessly criticized the preveiling economic consensus that public works spending can be used as an economic stimulus and levied reckless and unwarrented criticism against Jane Kidd absent of any facts or investigation ... all at a Republican-leaning blog, mind you.

Now, making silly accusations and weak defenses isn't alien to Andre, as after he was outed for not disclosing what candidates he was on staff for he tried to deflect criticism by blasting the Atlanta Progressive News for selling ads to candidates. Regardless, he was rightfully booted from Peach Pundit for such impropriety ... though, after the election, he magically reappeared on the front page after apparently making some sweetheart deal with Erick that he becomes their resident Zell Miller.


Blogger DeKalb said...

I'm a regular reader of Blog for Democracy and I noticed that Andre's site is still linked on their blog roll.

11:12 AM  
Blogger Jmac said...

Correction made. Thanks for it.

11:28 AM  

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