Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oh well

OK, here's a fabulously bad move by Barack Obama ... namely because infrastructure investments are a crucial component of his economic recovery plan and tabbing someone from the opposition to head up the agency that has some governance in that area makes absolutely no sense to me.

Again, the pathetic hysterics at Open Left not withstanding, this is the first big move that Obama has made where I'm legitimately disappointed. I wasn't crazy about Robert Gates staying on as Secretary of Defense, but I understand the rationale behind such a pick. This one, though, is just flat-out depressing ... largely because Earl Blumenauer would have been a tremendous pick.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Not trying to pick a fight here, but isn't this sheer partisanship on your part? The only reasons you give for not backing this choice are (1) he's a Republican and (2) I think there is a better choice. To me, this is enough to say that you don't agree with the choice but to call "fabulously bad move" is a bit extreme without providing reasons.

I, for one, am encouraged by choice such as this as it shows that he acknowledging that he owes a good part of his success to people (like myself) who traditionally vote Republican but crossed over in hope that he truly would usher in a time of post-partisan politics in Washington. Picks such as this one increase my faith that he meant what he said.

8:23 AM  
Blogger Johnathan said...

No, that's fair criticism.

I'm not so much disappointed in the fact that he's a Republican, but rather that I was very optimistic that Blemenauer would get it ... and I think he'd be a terrific choice. Hopefully LaHood will turn out to be a strong and effective Secretary of Transportation, but he wasn't even on my radar for this pick.

I will concede, however, that I was disappointed in the Gates solely for partisan reasons. In that spirit, however, I recognize the pragmatic thing to do was to pick Gates to be the Secretary of Defense and, in governing the nation, I'd favor pragmatism over partisanship any day.

Whether or not LaHood is a Republican or Democrat doesn't bother me (honestly), but rather it's just disappointment that it wasn't my guy. So, yes, I can concede I probably overstated this a little bit.

That's legitimate.

9:35 AM  

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